The 10 Craziest Skateboard Tricks Ever Landed

It goes without saying that skateboarding is one of the “most extreme” of all of the extreme sports out there. It melts agility, athleticism, style, and high risk together into one beautiful sport. 

Whether it’s street skating, big air, or vert, it’s hard to agree on what the craziest skateboard tricks of all time are, but here are 10 of the best tricks ever landed that would likely be on anyone’s list.

1. Jeremy Wray: Water Tower Ollie

There is no doubt that Jeremy Wray is one of the greatest skaters of all time. In November 1997, he made the cover of Thrasher magazine with his legendary, death-defying Ollie across the gap between two water towers in Rowland Heights, California. 

The towers were 40 feet tall with an 18-foot gap between them. Both are completely flat concrete surfaces that are exactly the same height. Once he decided to try it, he had to make it. 

The trick was for Wray to get enough speed to ollie with enough lift to get all the way across the gap. In fact, Wray warmed up by jumping across the gap without his skateboard. Then he knew that at least it would be possible. This trick was all or nothing with dire consequences.

2. Dave Bachinsky: El Toro Kickflip

They call the flight of 20 concrete stars at El Toro High School in Lake Forest California the “El Toro 20.” It is a favorite spot for skaters, especially for the long rail slide. In February 2006, Dave Bachinsky was the first to successfully complete a kickflip from the top of the stairs.

To do a kickflip, the skater has to pop an Ollie and then use his front foot to tap the nose of the board into a 360-degree horizontal spin. The hardest part here was that Bachinsky had to land it by catching the spinning board in mid-air and landing on the ground. The height of this set of stairs meant that he was 10 feet up in the air. He landed it on his twelfth attempt. 

3. Rob Lorifice: Ollie Backside 360 

At the X Games in 2010, Rob Lorifice skated to a bronze medal with his Ollie Backside 360. Not only did he make this skateboard trick look simple, but he executed it perfectly. For this trick, the skater has to position his back foot over the tail and his front foot close to the center or just below the front bolts. While moving forward, the skater bends his knees and winds his shoulders. After he is about a quarter of the way around, he winds his arms and completes the rest of the turn to completely rotate 360 degrees before landing the jump.

4. Rodney Mullen: Impossible Flip

Rodney Mullen invented this impossible skateboard trick. Basically, the skater makes the skateboard do a backflip. He does an Ollie and then wraps his foot around the board before landing on it. It is called “the Impossible” because it really should be impossible based on the laws of physics. Rodney Mullen actually knows a lot about physics, which is why he is such an amazing skater. His understanding of physics allowed him to rotate the skateboard around the Intermediate Axis, which, in theory, should be impossible. 

5. Bob Burnquist: Fakie to Fakie 900

Bob Burnquist is the first skater to successfully complete a fakie to fakie 900 on a mega ramp. Oddly enough, he landed this trick in his own backyard. Basically, he skated into the ramp backward, rotated the board two and a half times, and rode the board out backward on a massive ramp. No doubt this is one of the hardest skateboard tricks ever accomplished.

6. Chris Cole: Backside 360 Kickflip at the Carlsbad Gap

The Carlsbad Gap is famous among skaters. It was located at the Carlsbad High School in Carlsbad, California, and was known for its incredible difficulty. Numerous obstacles made it challenging for any skater to get across and land. There’s a wall at the end of the grass, cracks that must be avoided, and an uphill landing spot. Chris Cole went there 12 times before he landed the trick.

7. Chris Joslin: Backside 360 Kickflip Rincon

The Rincon Big 4 is a famous skate spot in Escondido, California. After numerous tries, Chris Joslin landed his backside 360-flip over the concrete stairs. This trick is one that most skaters learn, but the challenge is in where it is skated. 

8. Paul Rodriguez: Switch 360 Flip at the Santa Monica Triple Set

The Santa Monica triple set is one of the most famous skate parks in the world. Paul Rodriguez landed this switch 360-flip over all three sets of stairs while he was filming a Nike commercial. The stairs don’t have a lot of height, but they have a widespread, which makes this one of the best skateboard tricks to date. 

9. Danny Way: The Great Wall

Like Bob Burnquist, Danny Way has won multiple X-Games medals. In 2005, he decided to build a skateboard ramp around a 70-foot section of the Great Wall of China. He wanted to clear the wall and break his records for the farthest and highest jumps. 

The ramp was the biggest built to date. On his practice run, he fell and broke his ankle. He still returned the next day and successfully jumped it. 

10. Danny Way: Vegas Bomb Drop

In 2006, Danny Way was at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. He wanted to break the record for the highest bomb drop. The record holder had dropped 12 feet into a halfpipe. He started on a scaffold 78 feet in the air and freefell more than 20 feet into a bowl below. He was able to shatter the record.

A bomb drop is often a trick done in vert skating, where the skater mounts the board by swinging it into the air and jumping down onto it. Way bailed out his first few tries, but then he successfully landed. It was truly one of the craziest skateboard tricks ever landed.