Skateboard Clothing Brands

At Lucre we carry a huge selection of the latest trends in skateboard clothing. Here are a few of the top skateboard clothing brands that we carry.

About Our Skateboard Clothing Brands

Skateboarding isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle and a culture. The skateboarding lifestyle has progressed from belonging to skateboarders to touching mainstream language, fashion, and music. It’s a lifestyle that carries with it an air of freedom and a tad rebellion.

There are specific skateboarding fashions that, while evolving over the years, still have roots in the skateboarding community, carrying over to the culture as a whole. Music sets the tone for a lifestyle of individuality, independence, and free-thinking; characteristics which have continued to belong to the skateboarding community.

The skateboarding lifestyle is appealing to those who don’t want to just go with the flow and do the same old thing. They want to live the way they want to live, they want to follow their own internal compass, and they refuse to be boxed in.

Clothing for the Skateboarding Lifestyle at Lucre Industries

At Lucre Industries, we carry the top brands in skateboard clothing. With a huge selection of brands and trends, we perpetuate the skateboarding lifestyle. Find top skateboarding brands such as:

Our Top Skateboard Clothing Brands


In 2015, former Alien team manager, Chad Bowers, enlisted former Alien riders such as Gilbert Crockett, Tyler Bledsoe, and Jake Johnson, and began a new brand he eventually called Quasi. The intention behind the name was the idea that the brand will “redefine over time” and Quasi has the connotation that it can be whatever it wants to be.

The graphics on Quasi’s products represent an air of the anarchic, with a mosaic of seemingly random and chaotic numbers, colors, photos, and typographies. Clothing tends to vary each season with new and surprising collections.


WKND is a skateboard brand out of LA that was started by Grant Yansura and friends Alex Schmidt, Johan Stuckey, Raymond Molinar, Christian Maalouf, and Nolan Benfield. Their purpose was to combine serious and fun, allowing themselves to make fun or skating while also making awesome products. The name comes from Weekendtage, the name of the web clips they made that showcased the fun and humor Yansura and his friends had together.

With a traveling van as their first office, and influences of old movies such as Reality Bites, Joe Dirt, and Mystery Science Theater 3000, WKND is unique, fun, and provides products like no other.

Thunder Trucks

Thunder Trucks began as a Trucks company, providing strong, yet lightweight Trucks for an incredibly fast turn. Offering the most stable skateboard trucks on the market, they are a brand to support with their logo clothing products.

Babylon LA

After a hardcore punk life, Lee Spielman and Garrett Stevenson decided to take their experiences and lessons and start a skateboard brand, Babylon LA. Their logo and graphics idea sparked from the influence of modern graffiti and hip-hop; an airbrushed design of a burning palm tree.