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We're super happy to be the only source in the USA for this rad new project from Europe by our good friends Will Harmon and Sam Ashley. The brand new Free Skate Mag was started in an effort to capture the skate scene of western Europe.

The newest issue of Free Mag just arrived, and it's stocked with content.

Issue 32 includes:

@charlie_birch on the cover with his best @theboulala impression (captured by @reeceleung), but also inside with a 12 page interview! This one also features a piece celebrating 10 years of @ftcbarcelona, a chat with @neftaliedotcom about his research around race and skateboarding, an article about Malmö's @dorkzoneskateclub with some incredible photography by @nils, a conversation with @vincentmilou about Street League and the Olympics that put into perspective why people take part in these events, @notis_aggelis and @larstheweird going in and loads more...